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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am so late on posting lately.  Since I just took down my decorations yesterday, I'll pretend that's the reason for the timing of this post.

I misplaced most of my Valentine's Day decorations from last year, so I had to buy new ones.  Fortunately, I realized this close enough to Christmas to take advantage of Christmas clearance and buy dozens of heart-shaped Christmas ornaments for $0.10-$0.30 each.  I also hit Jo-Ann, where I got last year's decorations, and picked up a few more.  My mom also got some of Jo-Ann's for Ellie's Minnie Mouse birthday party, so I ended up far from short on decorations this year.  Imagine next year after I find all the lost ones!  Scary!

I didn't really like how the decorations went up this year, but it was still fun to have hearts everywhere.  Plus,  to fill the space, the kids and I made a bunch of decorations that I laminated to reuse next year.  I didn't do anything fun for the kids, like the heart curtain in Ellie's doorway.  Still, the kids loved their goody bags - and the Hershey kisses within - enough that they didn't care.

Wall o' Hearts

Four Corners

Up close of Mikey's hand flowers

Up close of my bug garden, with contributions from Mikey
We drew grass and flower stems on the paper along with some flowers.  Then we stuck on foam flowers and bugs and some other cute bug stickers.

Our spring garden wall in its entirety
I added a few leftover Valentine postcards and the finger puppets the kids made

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