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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spontaneous Fall Crafts

To get Ellie to eat finish her dinner, I told her I'd teach her how to use stencils when she was done.  She's already been tracing her own hand, so I knew she was ready.  She did well, but she bored with the stencil use quickly, as is her style with any craft not including glue, so I gave her stamps.  Still, we had fun.

That's an upside-down Liberty Bell and a star to the left and an upside-down steaming pie to the right.
Ellie asked to do another craft, so I gave her paper to tear and figured we'd do some sort of hand-print tree/fall leaf craft.  I rummaged through my paper pile and found some packing paper that was perfect for a tree trunk.  I traced our hands and forearms on the paper and applied glue to the hand area of the opposite side on which I traced, and we stuck away.  Then I cut out the hands and arm and glued them onto paper of our choice.  An older or more practiced child could have applied the glue and done the tracing and cutting as well.

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