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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Logic of a three year old, applied to Christmas

This morning on the way to church, I was talking to Ellie about our upcoming visit from Nonni and Poppi (her grandparents) and how they'd be here for Easter.  I decided to tell her about the death and resurrection.  Evidently she liked the story because she asked me to tell her more Jesus stories.  I told her about Christmas.  I tried to convey the downsides of being born in a stable by calling it a barn - at which point she confirmed that there were cows present - and I reminded her of how stinky the cows are at the dairies by our house.  Then I told her about all of Baby Jesus' visitors and the gifts the kings brought: gold, frankincense and myrrh.  I explained that those are things that smell good.  Ellie interjected, "To cover up the smell of the cows?"  I laughed and agreed that was a possible use for the gifts.  She ended the story for me: "And then his Nonni came to visit and...[insert long list of Nonni-Jesus activities]."

What I learned: Only a three year old could make the birth of Jesus seem like any ordinary day.

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