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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Let God Work

Last night I felt God put it on my heart to send out a call to action on facebook: 40 Days of Prayer for Illegal Immigration.  I had visions of a snowball effect, hundreds of people agreeing to join in.  I thought this just might be the unifying event necessary to effect change, on however small a level.

Sure, I expected many of my invitees to decline, but I was surprised by a few of the first to do so.  These are people who I know pray at least daily; yet they can't commit to saying a prayer a day for 40 days?  Then my self-consciousness trigger was pulled: Do they think I'm asking them to support or oppose the new immigration law?  Certainly not, since I negated that in the description, but what if they didn't read the description?  My mind started going all sorts of bad places, from anger to paranoia to disappointment.  I even began to question whether God's hand was in this at all.

Suddenly I felt the aforementioned peace wash over me.  I knew right then that God would do with it what He'll do with it.  He did put the idea in my head, but the "snowball effect" was all my creation.  Let God work.  I have to remind myself of this often.

The devil definitely knows how to push my buttons.  This out-of-control negativity spiral of doubt and judgment started not two hours after I'd posted the event.  It's a good thing I keep in constant touch with God so He can set me straight.

Let God work.  Let God work.  Let God work.

I think I found a new watchword.

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