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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 12/14/09

This week is an easy week for me. I deserve it!

Meaty Monday:
Morton's Pot Roast from Costco
Stir-fried corn

Tasty Tuesday:
Tuscan Chicken from SavingDinner.com (received in an email from Flylady...I don't feel right posting it, so if you want it, message me or comment with your email address) over rice instead of pasta (I love it when the veggies are part of the main dish!)

Wild Card Wednesday:
Cranberry Stuffing Turkey Breasts from Costco
Roasted green beans

Spaghetti Night:
Fancy pasta with sausage (haven't decided which fancy pasta or sausage yet)

Free-for-all Friday:
Whatever's left!

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