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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A place for everything 1/3/12

Last year, in 2011, I'm an Organizing Junkie did a 52-week organizing link up.  I somehow missed this (or I conveniently blocked it out), but it has inspired me for 2012.  I can't promise something blog worthy for every week of 2012, but I will show you my proud moments.  I spent all of 2011 decluttering, rather unintentionally, and I've finally reached a stopping point where I can't move forward without getting things organized and put away in a few-major-projects kind of way. I find the timing to be fatefully aligned with the change of the year.

As fate would once again have it, as part of his Christmas giving, Mike took me to IKEA this week to get an EXPEDIT bookcase that I long ago determined was the best solution for our mess of children's books in the family room.  We currently have a toy bin rack like this for board books and a cheap, shallow-shelf small bookcase for paper-page books.  Of course, the books never stay with their respective furniture, and all both pieces allow for is books sliding everywhere, including the floor.  I knew the cubby-style shelving of the EXPEDIT piece would minimize the sliding, and it's big enough for all the books.  Additionally, there's room for DVDs and other things, like games, on top.

I neglected to take before pictures, but here's a picture of our first organization project of the new year, built New Year's Eve eve and filled over the next few days.  Happy New Year!

Sorry for the weird angle...the Christmas tree was in my way.
Oh, and you rest assured it is anchored to the wall for safety!

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