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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crayon Art Canvas

Thanks to my latest obsession, Pinterest, and my ruthless muse, Jen, I have hundreds of new craft ideas I must produce. Among them are - well, were - these wonderful crayon creations:

The rainbow is totally Jen's fault.  It's one of the first things she showed me on Pinterest and something she's already done, thus propelling me forward.  The flowers are Andrea's fault, again with the help of Pinterest.

Here's the tutorial for the rainbow.  You can see where Ellie started talking to me while I was gluing the last of the crayons to the canvas (on the right).

The flowers were a for-sale item on Etsy, so it was up to me to create this one.  I attached the crayons with hot glue and melted them with a hair dryer, ensuring I had both long and short drips.  I created a template for my flowers, but you could use silk flowers or whatever means of flower making you prefer.  In case you are completely without ideas or just in love with my flowers, here's how I made them.

First, I cut them out, being sure to vary the shape a little for each one.  Be sure to cut the slit to the middle.  I folded the longer side of the slit over the shorter side and used tacky glue to close it, holding it for a minute or so with my fingers until I knew it wouldn't slip.  This way your flowers pop out of the canvas.

Finally, I put a dot of gold glitter glue in the center of each one to add dimension.  I deposited a generous dollop of hot glue on the canvas and put the point of the flower in it.  It dried in no time.

The rainbow will go in Mikey's room, and Ellie requested the flowers go in hers.

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  1. Beautiful!! Did you do these with your children's help, or was this a mommy project??

  2. Ellie supervised. There was way too much hot wax splattering everywhere for her to be too involved.