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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Musical Macaroni and Cheese

We had musical macaroni and cheese for lunch! What is musical macaroni and cheese, you ask? Let me tell you!
It's when you make fresh mac-n-cheese for the 3yo, who then decides she doesn't want it. Then you reheat some leftover mac-n-cheese that you were so looking forward to and the 3yo sees it, thinks it's the 1yo's and decides she wants some. You give the 3yo the mac-n-cheese you made for her, and she's so excited. You bring your mac-n-cheese to the table, and the 3yo asks for some. You say, "you have mac-n-cheese," but she says, "I just want to taste yours." You ask, "did you even try yours?" to which she very convincingly tells you she did. You give her a bite of your yummy leftover mac-n-cheese, and the 1yo decides he must have some, too. You give him a bite and he goes nuts. You decide to try giving him the 3yo's, since she doesn't want it. He's thrilled. You feed the 1yo, then the 3yo, then the 1yo, then the 3yo... So you put the 3yo's mac-n-cheese on the 1yo's plate and your yummy leftover mac-n-cheese on the 3yo's plate, just grateful everyone's eating. Then you try to eat what's left of your yummy leftover mac-n-cheese, but it's cold and you're just not hungry anymore.

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