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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time for Tea! Product Review: Libre Organic Ming Mei Green Tea

Earlier this month, I told you about some of my tea faves.  Libre was so happy with my review of their product that they sent me some of their new green tea.  (Yes, I know they were just trying to get me addicted to another one of their products.  But, hey, it's free!)

Here's my immediate reaction that I shared on Libre's facebook page: I got my Organic Ming Mei green tea in the mail yesterday. I just brewed my first cup. It is DELICIOUS! It's fruity and earthy. It tastes a little bit of soy. Yummy!

When I poured the water into my Libre glass n poly original tea glass, the tea slowly rose to the top, piece by piece.  It was kinda whimsical.

It seemed like it took forever to brew, but it turns out it's just a pallid green tea.  That does NOT mean it has pale flavor.  The more I drink this tea, the more I like it.  I know that fruity and soy don't sound like they'd be the best combination, but they will surprise your palate.  Really, the fruit is first, then you taste the earthiness, and you finish with the soy.  The earthiness lends itself well to both the fruit and soy flavors.

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