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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mikey Update 5/27/10

Caution for young eyes: Brief mentions of male anatomy, though I tried to code it a little.

We went to the pediatrician Tuesday and Wednesday.  I thought Mikey might have an infection somewhere on or in his man parts because they forcibly retracted him to put in a catheter (not necessary, but many American health professionals don't know what to do with an intact peeper).  Other than some bruising and a probably yeast infection, he's fine.  The doctor doesn't think there is any permanent damage.  For more information on circumcision, please visit the following sites:


We managed to get into a cancelled spot for our modified barium swallow today (to check for aspiration, which we suspect was caused by the vascular ring).  Thank God for small favors; the next opening was in July.  I'll give you the abridged version here.  Mikey cried and fought and wouldn't take the barium willingly.  After some really ridiculous generalizations from the speech pathologist and a big fight on my end, they found a workaround, and Mikey passed with flying colors.  With yet more ridiculous reasoning, the speech pathologist refused to sign off on feeding Mikey by mouth.  She said it was up to the pediatrician.  She recommended we wait for guidance from the speech pathologist who does our evaluation for feeding therapy, and the pediatrician agreed.  It will likely be days before we can even schedule the evaluation, and I have no idea what kind of availability they'll have.  So now we wait again...


  1. Katie - I am so happy for the results of the swallow study - hooray!! Savannah had hers done yesterday - and they were able to take her Thick down by one level before she started to aspirate again. So - we are headed in the right direction. It was a bit of a disappointment, but a nurse friend of mine reminded me that Savannah has been swallowing incorrectly for 8 months - and her muscles and throat and tongue all need time to retrain. They will do a swallow clinic next week where the GI, Pulmonologist, Speech therapist and feeding specialist all meet with her at the same time and evaluate her as a group - and then we will know what the next step is. I think that will be a helpful thing - although it is with the PCH docs instead of her current docs associated with Cardon. it was going to be 2 months before Cardon could schedule it - so Autumn decided to just take the appointment she made before they switched doctors.

    Thanks for the update - you have all been in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. My fourteen year old granddaughter was in the hospital for months and didn't eat through the mouth until she was two. She had to be taught to eat at the hospital. She's a healthy happy cheer leader today. I hope your son's problems will be resolved soon. God bless you, Doylene