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Monday, March 22, 2010

Putumayo Giveaway at The Cloth Diaper Report

I absolutely LOVE Putumayo World Music. I've owned several of their cds for years, and I'd love to collect them all! The Cloth Diaper Report is giving away their new Rhythm & Blues album. I previewed it on their website, and it's a lot of fun. Give it a listen and then scoot over to The Cloth Diaper Report and enter for your chance to win!


  1. Your email address is not visible on Blogger and I'm going to start getting a little stricter on this! Please email me in the next 24 hours or I will have to draw another winner and I don't want to, so hopefully you check your comments here :-)

  2. I apologize for neglecting to include my email. It was an oversight. I was copying and pasting so I didn't have to retype every time, and I must have not highlighted the line with my email! I know...slap my wrists. :o)