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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have been issued a challenge...

...and I have accepted.

A wonderful resource, I'm an Organizing Junkie, has issued a challenge to her readers to organize and, thus, transform a small space and/or a whole room during the month of February. I happened upon this challenge late (today) because my computer was in the shop the first half of this month. I'm not behind, though, because I had actually set a goal for myself to organize one of my rooms this month anyway!

I can't promise that I'll finish the room this month, but I'm going to really try. I can promise to finish my small space, though, since I've been planning it for months! Well, I will if I can get my hubby to hang shelves for me. Below are pictures of the two spaces. I regret not taking pictures before I started, but they're bad enough that you'll get the idea.

My first space, which I consider a small space, is my laundry room. I have great plans for additional shelving in here, since there is A LOT of wasted space. I want to get all the supplies off the floor for two main reasons: safety and ease of cleaning when water ends up on the floor (like when we bathe the baby or the dogs or when we soak clothes). I would also like to move the laundry-room trash can into the laundry room. It currently resides just outside the door. As a bonus, if we could find a home for the shredder in here, I would be able to lock it away from the children while keeping it accessible. My greatest challenge will be finding appropriate storage for the loose items, like the mops and handheld vacuum (which is oh-so-safely stored right under the previously-described-as-generally-wet sink).

(Note the overflow into the hall.) I should also explain here that the reason so much laundry is lingering rather than being put away is because I'm in the process of reorganizing all the kids' clothes. Unless I want to be naughty and throw all their clothes on the floor in the hallway upstairs (as I've done in the past), I will have to tackle that challenge simultaneously.

My second space, which is a whole room, is my office. This room has been tackled time and time again, often with the help of my mother, only to end up the family dumping space again (and, admittedly, my stash-n-dash room). I've been better about not just tossing things in there, and I all but threatened my hubby about putting stuff in there, so it hasn't gotten worse in a long time. I also spent a few hours on it first thing this month and made a huge dent, getting through everything that was just tossed in there (versus being placed in the room because that's where it goes, not that that system has worked very well, either). I have donated and tossed hundreds of pounds of clutter from this room, and I know there are hundreds - if not thousands - more to go. Purge, baby, purge!

(I want to note that the papers strewn about the floor of my office are courtesy of my dog, who got into them because - gasp - they weren't properly stored.)
I have to add this last picture to better illustrate the domino effect that clutter has caused. Because my crafting area (office) has become a dumping ground, I have to do (and store) my crafting at the kitchen table. It's a good thing we have a dining room table for meals!
I'm very excited to have this deadline looming so that I'll get in gear. I'm also excited to know I've been doing it right! Okay, I know there is no "right" way, but my instincts have had me doing it her way, so I feel good about my progress.
Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Good Luck with all that!! Thankfully I have done pretty much all the organizing that I can last month so now I am just learning to stay on top of the cleaning. It makes life a lot easier that is for sure!