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Sunday, February 17, 2013

No Poo Update Week 5

I meant to update weekly.  Whoops!  Here's the original post in case you missed it.

Week 1: My hair stayed easy to untangle the entire week.  It started to get oily at the same time as usual, but it never got AS oily.  I did have static issues, but, as I mentioned, I forgot to use my apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse.

Week 2: My hair was very dry and tangled easily.  I'm definitely using too much baking soda.  No amount of ACV could help me.  My hair was still full of static, too.  Again, my hair got oily around the same time but never got as oily as before.

Week 3: I cut the baking soda in half.  My hair was much less dry.  This time I used too much ACV, which left my hair smelling like vinegar after it dried.  (The smell usually goes away once your hair is dry.)  I did try the spray bottle for application, and it was very nice.  My hair was very full - not in a good way...my curls and waves were all broken, but I was able to wear my hair down after wearing it in a pony tail for a day.  That's something I've never been able to do.  In fact, my hair was smoother that day.  Crazy!  My hair was easier to brush again this week, but still not as awesome as week 1.  Again, I got oily around the same time, but this time I was way less oily than before.

Week 4: I used the same (half) amount of baking soda.  This definitely seems to be the right amount for me.  I used much less ACV, and I didn't notice a difference, so I guess less is more.  My hair is still too full, but it's more manageable, so I'll take the trade.  My hair got oily around the same time but was even less so than last week.

Week 5: I washed my hair in the tub instead of the shower.  Mistake.  I couldn't get it wet enough nor rinse it well enough.  I walked around for a week (it's hard to get around to washing my hair) with chalky/oily hair.  BUT it was STILL nowhere near as oily as before.  And who knew baking soda could leave your hair feeling chalky?  The only other bad part was I developed a lot of buildup on my scalp.  Yes, I do have problems with that normally thanks to eczema, but this was extreme.  I don't blame the no-poo routine, though.  I blame not enough water.  The rule is - and this is true for washing your pets, too! - make sure to wet the hair and skin thoroughly before applying shampoo (or baking soda, in this case) and rinse it out completely.

Today I washed my hair properly, in the shower, and it felt great.  My scalp came clean quite easily, and my hair has returned to its full-but-more-manageable state.  I do hope the full part goes away some, but I'll take easy to brush, et al.  I'm hoping to make it to Great Clips this week to donate my hair to Locks of Love.  My hair is always extra full after I chop it off.  This should be interesting...

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