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Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Days Of Thankful 11/19/11

Yes, I missed a few days.  I've been a little sleepy lately thanks to a growing baby, and nighttime posts are the first to be forgotten.  Appropriately, what I've been most thankful for lately is said baby's movement.  Besides reassuring me, Angela's movement is helping her already bond with her brother and sister.  She kicks like mad when they are on my lap, and they can feel it.  They think it's hilarious.  Mikey, 2, said, "Don't get me, Baby Angela!"  I think it's great that she starts to kick when she hears them get close and stops when they are clearly out of her range.  I've also been experiencing the alien-in-the-belly movements, which are always entertaining, especially when they knock something off my lap.

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