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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mikey Update 9/21/11

Well, Mikey has come a long way.  Not only is he walking competently, he's running.  He's kicking a ball.  He's climbing everything.  His speech improved dramatically after only a few weeks of therapy.  He's eating like a champ most days (and like a typical picky toddler the rest).  We just decided to stop physical therapy, which puts an end to all therapy for him.  Yay!  The neurologist, urologist, ophthalmologist and cardiologist don't want to see him for a year!

We had Mikey in swimming this summer.  He enjoyed it, but the actual swimming part is a challenge because of his spine.  (It's hard for him to hold up his head.)  He'll always have to compensate for his spine/neck issue, but he doesn't even know there's a problem.  Now we're entering the world of "normal" toddlerdom: Mikey's potty training!  Ack!

We thank God for how well he's doing.  We are also grateful for all the well wishes and prayers.  I often forget how far we've come until I write one of these updates, so thanks for nagging me.  :o)

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