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Monday, April 11, 2011

Yeah. Whatever. Not listening.

I forgot to give up something for Lent.  When I remembered, I decided, reluctantly, to give up Dr. Pepper.  Big surprise, I didn't make it a day.  I gave up.  (Good attitude, right?)

My mom came up to Oregon with us last week.  She did remember to make a sacrifice, and she's being very diligent.  Last Sunday, as I drank a Dr. Pepper, I imagined her saying, "You should've given THAT up for Lent."  I dismissed it, but my (I thought) imagination had a response: "It's not too late."

Yeah.  Whatever.  Not listening.


I'd been meaning to install a Bible app on my phone.  Instead I played Tap Zoo and Tap Zoo Christmas.  To get extra stars and snowflakes to buy special things, you can install extra apps.  I was getting tired of the two games and installing, using and uninstalling the extra apps, but I just couldn't delete the games.  Great, another addiction, I querulously mused.

Still, I added more apps.  One was another Bible app.  (I'd already installed one because of these games and hadn't even looked at it yet because, if it's being advertised here, it can't be that good.)  I finally opened the newest Bible app to complete the star-and-snowflake-earning process.  It turned out to be YouVersion, a very reputable Bible I'd used on my old phone for some time, after my old mobile Bible disappeared.  Interestingly, after that discovery, I felt at peace with deleting the zoo games.

Excited and grateful for the "luck" (see how out of touch I was?), I got registered and explored the app.  I decided to follow a reading plan.  They all seemed good, but the one called "21 Day Fast" kept jumping out at me.  I figured that was God and signed up.  The scripture reading that night , which was the passage from which the plan idea came, was Daniel 10.  Daniel gave up dietary luxuries for his 21-day spiritual fast.  Okay, God.  I get it.  It was exactly 21 days until Easter, the end of Lent.

So long, Dr. Pepper.

Hello, self control.

1 comment:

  1. We once tried to observe the no-meat-Fridays version of Lenten obedience. It ended when I, in my SAHMness, forgot it was Friday until everyone was tucking into non-fish-meaty-goodness.

    I tried chocolate. Once. If I made it a day, I can't remember. It was a ridiculously small amount of time that would require a decimal point and lots of scientific notation.

    Good luck!