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Friday, April 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday: The Power of a Whisper

A couple of months ago, I saw that our church women were doing a study around the book The Power of a Whisper by Bill Hybels.  Even though I couldn't make it to the study, I planned on picking up the book anyway, hoping to share some of the energy I was sure was present in the study.  As goes my life, I never got around to it.

At church on Sunday, Shari, "The Mrs. Pastor," as I call her, shared that the women would be starting a new study, and we can get a book even if we can't participate.  I told her I was interested, and she asked if I'd ever read the last book, The Power of a Whisper.  I told her that I hadn't, but it is on my short list.  She offered to loan me her copy right then and there.  I was so excited that I opened it up that afternoon.

I am no stranger to whispers from God, for which I am unspeakably grateful, so this book is a read-and-nod page turner for me.  Even the foreword (by another person) had me practically screaming "Yes!  I totally get that!"  Even still, I was only a little ways in Sunday night when I read some words that stopped me in my tracks:

"And when he calls us into sacrificial roles, it is never without his caring presence or affection."

Every time God asks me to give up something, I get scared.  I want to do it, but I often fail because of fear.  What I forget is that God is right there by my side as I do it.  (Insert light bulb above my head)  As I processed this, I got an overwhelming urge to find out what God was setting me up to sacrifice when he sent me this book via Shari.  Then I heard God whisper: "Hit your knees."

I got out of bed and prayed, "God, I want to know your direction for my life.  I want to hear your voice.  Forgive me for turning up the volume on the world and my sinful nature."  Fighting to tune out my own mind telling me what I expected to hear ("take care of your house"), I finally quieted, and then He spoke: "First, repent."

I opened my mind and lifted up whatever came into it until I felt calm.  Then He spoke again: "Now, get up.  Get your house in order."  As if anticipating my "but, that will take a long time!" response, He continued: "This may take a while.  I promise I will have more for you."

Well, I will admit that I was stunned.  I've received a lot of direct messages from God, but that was the clearest, most complete whisper I've ever heard.  I was also relieved.  God did tell me what I expected to hear, but He sealed His message with a promise.  Just.  For.  Me.

Wow.  I'm excited to know what He'll say next!


  1. your faith is inspirational to me. i often put aside things due to fear also and then feel shame for not having enough faith not to be scared. God is so good!!!

  2. Usually, when God sends the rough spots, I flail for a bit and pout. But, He's been excessively patient with me for no good reason whatsoever.

    And I'm hoping that the flailing is diminishing with age and practice. One can only hope.

    Best of luck on your journeys. :)