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Friday, April 15, 2011

I still need to do something

About a month ago, I told you that I needed to do something.  I set a goal to spend time in the Word and pray intentionally every day.  I know I've missed a day of reading here and there, and my prayers haven't all been the most intentional, but I can feel a huge difference in my life.  I did start a few reading plans.  For one, I started a 21-day fast timed perfectly with the remainder of Lent.  I also resumed reading a Proverb daily, the one that corresponds with the date (e.g. Proverbs 14 on the 14th of every month).  Finally, I finally started a plan that I've had bookmarked, literally, for months.  I think I read the first day of it but then I forgot, and then I left the bookmarked Bible in Arizona, figuring I could read on my phone, and then I kept forgetting to print out new copies of the bookmarks.  As "luck" would have it, that same app that afforded me the 21-day fast also had Professor Horner's reading plan.  (Click the link to read about it and print out the bookmarks.)  I'm behind on that one, but all that matters is that I do it, even if it's a little slower than planned.

I'm doing better, but I'm still not anywhere near as intentional as I need to be.  I'm just happy to see progress.  Hopefully the reading will become a habit soon, and then I can focus on my prayer.

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