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Friday, March 18, 2011

The #2 Daily Post at WordPress.com

Name someone who deserves more credit than they get. And for bonus points, how to change things so they get more.
I have a dear friend who is immensely talented in many areas.  He experienced a serious health issue as a freshman in college, which totally derailed his life plan as it was.  (Read his brief mention of this life-changing event here.)  He began to explore talents he had his whole life that had always been - from my perspective - just a hobby.  He also stepped far out of his shell to try something new and scary (which, as it turns out, he is REALLY REALLY good at).  He continues to branch out and stretch his comfort zone and, though he doesn't frequently admit it, become quite good at more and more talents.  He has a wonderfully amusing blog (well, it is once you settle into his brand of humor, something with which I have lifelong familiarity).  Please check it out, along with his facebook page, which he could stand to update a little more frequently.

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