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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The #1 Daily Post at WordPress.com

List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.
I want to spend a year in Spain.  I want to visit the nearly twenty regions, spending real time in each.  I want to photograph the landscapes, write about the sights and sounds, taste the flavors, learn the dances.

I want to assimilate the spice of Morocco.  The colors, the shapes, the smells, the flavors, the music.  The country speaks to me on a native level.

I want to find my roots in Sweden.  I may be adopted, but I was raised a Swede, make no mistake.  I feel a kindred spirit in any other Swede.  My Pampa fed me Swedish culture and language.  My cousin, DeAnn, and I loved to hear him read the Swedish storybook kept in the coal bucket it shared with the Pokie Little Puppy Counting Book and the Barrel of Monkeys.  We all stole Swedish meatballs out of the CrockPot before Christmas dinner and did a happy dance on the very rare occasion the meatballs were made any other time of year.  I have countless Swedish horses that my late Grandma gave me, even though she was only married to a Swede.

Wow.  That's unfinished and unbalanced.  I'm okay with it.

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