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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mikey Update 12/2/10

The surgery yesterday went great.  There were no surprises, and it was over incredibly quickly.  Mikey was taken off the ventilator at 5:30 last night.  He's been doing great since, though pain has really taken over.  He's on a number of medications to try to control the pain and help him sleep, but he's not getting much rest.  If he could just rest, he'd heal a little more and feel better.  Still, he's doing very well.  We will get the catheter out today.  I doubt the chest tube's coming out today.  We will try to get him moving today, which will help him drain and help get the chest tube out.  He successfully drank a bottle of water and he's on his second.  Hopefully he won't reject it, if you catch my drift.  If this goes well, and so far it's going very well, he'll get breastmilk in an hour or so.

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