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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mikey Update 11/21/10

Mikey's tests went well on Friday.  His hearing is fine.  It looks like he has reflux, which is weird because his upper GI in March showed no evidence of reflux, nor did either of his barium swallows.  The doctor took biopsies, and we may get the results before Thanksgiving.  We don't know when we'll get the MRI results.  His surgery is still on for 8am on 12/1.

In other news, Mikey sat up on his own for the first time last Sunday (11/14).  He also pulled himself up for the first time today (11/21).  He technically did it Friday, but Mike's not counting it because he used Mike's leg, too, and somehow that's easier.

Mikey's language is developing rapidly.  We never have bananas in the house, though he's eaten them in baby food, but at the grocery store, he pointed to the bananas and said, "abananana."  That blew my mind.  He is signing "please," "mommy" and "daddy" now in addition to "more" and "milk."  He regularly says "Annie," "Ellie (A-yay)," "Mama," "Dada (DaaNaa)," "no," "up," "balloon (oon)" and "owl."

Mikey is officially eating solids.  We still give him some baby food, and we will continue to grind some foods, but he eats pieces of various fruits and some lunch meat (besides all the made-for-toddler foods).  Oh, and he loves shortbread cookies.  He licks at the sprinkles until his mouth and hands are green.  He should enjoy our Christmas cookies!

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  1. What a journey you have been on alongside Mikey! Thank you for the update - I was wondering how things were going. A mixed bag - but Mikey sounds like a really bright and courageous little boy!