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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So I persevere...

Yesterday I was ready to give up pumping.  Lately I've only been getting an ounce or two a day because I can't pump enough (and I forget), so my supply is piddly.  Even though I knew I wouldn't be terribly upset if I stopped, I knew I'd feel guilty for not getting Mikey that little bit that I can.  I prayed that God would guide my decision.

Last night I asked Mike what he thought.  He told me that it wasn't fair for him to tell me to keep pumping, but my milk is so good for Mikey that he should get all he can.  That cinched it.  I returned to pumping with renewed... force? willingness? enthusiasm? ...eh... just plain okayness...  Okay.  My desire to quit went away.

Today I realized that my supply is up.  I'm back to getting an ounce a session (versus an ounce all day).  I know that my attitude has everything to do with it (well, what's left after God works, anyway).  Thank God for answering prayers through my husband!


  1. From Mom: God does a good job of answering prayer through others... we just need to listen to quiet and loud voices. Mom