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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spirit-Controlled Living

A few days ago I wrote about finding a book I didn't know I had called Spirit-Controlled Living.  I read the first and second chapters, which left me with the first week's assignment.  I barely remember to go to the bathroom these days, so it is no surprise that I forgot to do the first assignment, which requires hourly attention.  Even though I did not start, much less complete, the first assignment, I read ahead as I usually do.  I've now read the first three week's assignments, and I haven't done a single thing.  Last night I realized that I'm just wasting my time reading this book if I don't do the work.

I decided I would start today.  I woke up at 6:45, thought about the assignment, and decided to wait until 7:00 to start, since it is supposed to be an on-the-hour thing.  Big surprise: I forgot.  I didn't remember until about 3:00 this afternoon, and then - as usual - I figured I shouldn't bother now since it's so late.  Perfectionist maybe?  Yeah.  As Flylady says, "[P]erfectionism...keeps us from getting things done."

So I'm starting right now, at 5:00.  So what if I only get four or five hourly checks in?  If I never start, I won't do any!  I haven't looked ahead any farther to know how long this project takes, but I'll keep checking in here with my progress.  Oh, and I finally decided what impulse to monitor: thinking badly of myself.

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