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Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Mikey Happenings 9/17/10

This morning (well, yesterday now...it's after 1am) I stepped out of the room to grab Ellie's clothes, leaving the children alone together for about five seconds.  I heard Mikey cry - not cry out like he'd been hurt, just start crying like he was already hurting - and I ran in to see Ellie backing away.  She'd been playing with him by putting a blanket on him, so I figured she accidentally leaned on his arm or leg; it wouldn't be the first time.  Mikey's arm was a bit red, like Ellie had leaned on it, but nothing special.  I uncovered Mikey and discovered his leg was bright red and blue, like it was starting to bruise.  My first thought was that it was broken.  I picked him up and tickled his foot, and he reacted appropriately, so while I thought there still could be a fracture, I figured the leg wasn't really broken.

Mikey was inconsolable.  He wasn't hysterical or anything; he just whimpered and moaned and wouldn't settle. I left a message for the triage nurse at the pediatrician.  By the time she called me back, Mikey was settled with a bottle, but he didn't want me to move or press on his leg and he wouldn't bear weight on it.  She recommended we visit the ER or urgent care as soon as possible.  Mikey was alternating between sleeping and crying suddenly.  I ran errands until urgent care opened at noon (it's a special pediatric urgent care).  The doctor also suspected a break, but the x-ray looked clear.  Still, the doctor seemed dubious and urged us to go to the ER for a better x-ray if Mikey continued to be uncomfortable.

Mikey continued his sleep/cry "nap" at home before finally settling into actual uninterrupted sleep.  When he woke up because he was hungry, I observed that the leg was BRIGHT red and hot.  It stayed that way for at least a half hour.  I called Mike home from work, and by the time he arrived, Mikey had quite suddenly calmed and fallen asleep.  When I put him in his carseat, his leg was normal again.  I took him to the ER anyway.

I've long suspected Mikey has Raynaud's Syndrome.  (That's a long story for another day.)  The doctors are all reluctant to diagnose him because he's so young.  Evidently, you don't diagnose babies with it because you could be wrong.  I haven't pushed the issue because it would only affect Mikey at this time if he had open-heart surgery.  Nevertheless, I brought up his history and my suspicions, and both the ER doctor and PA agreed this appears to be textbook Raynaud's (both episodes, this morning and this afternoon).

However, the doctor wanted to also rule out an infection that could cause the pain.  The results were negative, but the x-rays showed something suspicious right at the most tender part of Mikey's leg.  The PA ordered a comparison x-ray, which confirmed the suspicious area is only in the affected leg.  So now Mikey's in a splint until we can see an orthopedist this week.

We appear to have gotten a diagnosis we've been pursuing, which is a relief for me, but poor, good-natured Mikey.  He's like a sitting duck for health problems.  The PA tentatively suggested a genetic bone disease, so it's a good thing we're headed to the geneticist this week.


  1. Ah poor little guy :( things just don't sem to slow down for him do they? I hope you get answers and Mikey starts feeling better!!!

  2. Mikey - I'm so sorry you have had such a tough time in your short life. I know you feel and see all your angels close to you, because little kids are so much more wise than us adults. (We tend to get freaked out and forget to look for our angels.) You're lucky to have a mommy and daddy who are courageous and faithful, who know that even when they don't feel courageous or faithful, God is still right there by their side. Lots of people are talking to God about you and Ellie and Mommy and Daddy - God always listen to those prayers. Remember - you were born to create the good, the beautiful and the holy!

    Love - Sebastian and Savannah's Mawney