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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Days 1 & 2

Well, I felt pretty good yesterday despite watching a few shows online.  Today reality set in.  How easily we can be deceived!  You'd think this would be easier for me since I still get to watch TV at night with hubby.  If I didn't have my computer by my pumping chair, I wouldn't fall victim.  Oh, well.  Tomorrow's a new day.  In positive news, Ellie asked less for TV today and not once for music.  I wouldn't mind the music, but I'm happy she's adjusting to the silence.  In other positive news, while I was looking for something to read yesterday to fill the gap where TV used to be, I found a book I didn't know I had on impulse control, Spirit Controlled Living.  I've already fallen off the wagon by not even starting the first week's homework, but at least I read the first week's chapter.  My excuse is my inability to pick just one impulse to control.  Anger?  Spending?  Eating?  Facebook?  Hmmm...facebook...  Like I said before, tomorrow's another day.

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