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Monday, August 30, 2010

How will I ever survive...

...without my TV?!

Okay, I'm sure you all expected totally different content here.

A friend challenged his readers to turn off the TV for 30 days, as his pastor challenged his congregation, and I'm joining in.  I know right now a certain member of my household will insist on daily TV time.  I would just leave the room, but then I might not see him!  So I'll commit to turning off the TV during the day.  I predict it will still make a big difference in my life!

For a long time, I've been saying we should get rid of the TV or at least cover it with a blanket and just reserve it for family movie time or other special viewing.  Let's just say my idea has been blackballed by the other voting member in our family.

I was doing a good job of not turning it on during the day, but I've fallen into bad habits again.  I need to retrain my brain to expect, accept and enjoy silence rather than require constant noise and distraction.  I know this challenge will benefit me, but I feel it will benefit my kids even more.  Ellie now expects the TV to be on and puts in her requests as soon as she's in front of it.  She really gets upset when I say no!

Now, I might miss NCIS (okay, I WILL miss NCIS), and we'll miss Caillou and Rosie (and Rexy!), but I think we'll pull through.  This will make my hours of pumping a little dryer, but maybe God will have a chance to call me without the TV blocking the line!

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