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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mikey Update 7/14/10

Well, Mikey did get his tube out on my birthday...he YANKED it out about 6am.  Good morning, Mama!  We decided enough was enough; we're leaving it out.  It's been a struggle to get JUST enough in him, with many days not even reaching just enough, but he's slowly eating more and more.

He had his helmet imaging done this week.  They got a good picture, so his helmet has been ordered and will be here the 27th.  His head is still changing a lot for his age, so I'm optimistic that he will respond quickly to the helmet.

His head tilt and upper-body strength are improving rapidly.  He's also really learned to sit up over the last few days.  He can't get into the sitting position yet, but he can sit for several minutes with the right motivation.  He really loves his physical therapist, Trista, but he still protests - loudly - when she works with him.

He was evaluated today to see if he qualifies for the Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP), which provides assistance, financial and otherwise, for families whose children under three have a significant delay in at least one area.  Mikey has a delay in feeding and speech, but he has a significant delay in gross motor skills.  The scoring is screwy because it put him at 2 months old.  Um...not so much.  Maybe 6 months...  Even the therapist thought it was "harsh."  It's nice to know that we won't have to worry about all this therapy business if something catastrophic happens, like, say, the insurance company sees the words "developmental delay" and decide to cut off our coverage.  Yes, there is unlimited coverage for no specific reason, but developmental delay has a limit.  Stupid, backward insurance.

Mikey has come leaps and bounds in the last month.  I know part of the reason is his new positioner, the Snuggin Go.  I tried it out in the store and bought it instantly! Not only does it hold his head perfectly straight (and the rest of his body!), unlike the head positioner, it doesn't heat him up like the head positioner. Also, it allows him to turn his head (while keeping his neck straight), while his shoulders are held in place by the harness...instant stretch! He almost never cries in his carseat now, where he almost never DIDN'T cry before! Also, this positioner has an adjustable bar that goes behind the neck, so when he sleeps, his head doesn't drop, compressing his airway. This positioner is GREAT! I'm telling everyone!  Okay...plug complete.  I wasn't paid for this advertisement.  :o)

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  1. How did it go with AzEIP? Our son has some delays and the therapist said to apply for it. I'm wary - the State is broke and has a tendency to be arbitrary. Could you shoot me an email and let me know? Thanks!