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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hard times are relative

I noticed that the sadness I felt about pumping (and not getting enough milk) lessened when I started thanking God for every drop of milk. I felt guilty every time I complained about pumping and getting enough, so I started thanking God. Now, when I start to feel sad or frustrated about what's coming out (or not coming out), I take a breath and thank God for every drop, and I feel completely different in that instant. Today, I was reading more of the Duggars' book, and Michelle shared a moment of being emotionally and physically spent. She said she was folding laundry at 1am and crying. She laid all her burdens on God, and He had a reply. He said that it's easy to praise Him when times are good, but can she praise Him now when times are hard? She started to sing in praise, and the burden on her heart lifted. I've heard that question asked many times, but I never felt it applied to me; my times hadn't ever been hard enough to qualify, I thought. This is why we are told to study God's word daily so that it's stored away in our hearts for when we need it. Thank You, God. I praise You, now and always. Oh, and I thank You for allowing me to be angry with You and sad, even with hope. And I thank You for that eternal hope. Thank You for my new, healthier attitude of hoping but not waiting in this situation. I need to stop waiting for anything, knowing You will reveal Your plan in Your time.

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