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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mikey Update 1/5/09

We saw the craniofacial surgeon yesterday. She thinks she spotted hemifacial microsomia, which is a genetic nerve disorder. If he has it, it's very minor. They don't do anything about it until the child is about 5 or 6, after he has a full set of baby teeth and they can see the full extent of the disorder. This is nothing to worry about.

We see the craniosacral therapist on Friday. She does cranial manipulation and has a lot of success in a short amount of time. Hopefully she'll have luck with Mikey. She is working with our wonderful chiropractor, and they feel that will help our efforts.

Mikey nursed three times between New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, but he quickly refused again. He's also having trouble with the bottle and my finger, so I know he's having pinched nerve issues.

He is also gagging, choking and coughing a lot, especially during and after eating, and he's congested after eating. It makes for some long nights 'sleeping' upright in a chair. We're having a modified barium swallow done on 1/28 to check for aspiration.

On top of all the existing issues, he has an ear infection, so he's on antibiotics. Let's just say he's not enjoying that.

He nursed once today, but once he fatigued, he refused again. His tongue doesn't work properly for any length of time, and his jaw fatigues. Our lactation consultant thinks this is a pinched nerve issue.

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