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Thursday, December 24, 2009

When God reveals His plan...

This happened to me back on September 1st, and I have to share:

The most amazing thing just happened. Actually, the most amazing realization just unfolded. All day long, an email from Way of the Master kept catching my eye. While I always have good intentions to read those emails, I never seem to get around to opening them. But this email kept pulling and tugging until I finally opened it. I read through it, skimming a little, and clicked on the Facebook icon, thinking I was sharing the wonderful stories. It turned out I was going to their fan page; I didn’t even know they had a Facebook page. I became a fan and proceeded to read some of the wall posts. I saw a couple about Judy N. needing prayers, so I prayed for her. I didn’t read the posts in depth because I was just seeing what was on the page. I went back to the email and looked at the button I clicked, still hoping there was a share button, and there, right above the button, was more information about Judy N. The blurb included an address for sending cards. I never send cards to strangers to whom I have no personal connection, but God put it on my heart to send a card. Without hesitating, I grabbed a notecard, one of my fanciest, thinking Judy might appreciate the beauty of it. I started to write just a two-sentence note about God putting it on my heart to write her and tell her I’m praying for her. All of a sudden I remembered that a few weeks ago, while I was praying, the name Judy popped into my head suddenly. I assumed God was asking me to pray for a friend, but when I asked that friend about it, she didn’t know why she’d need prayers. I kept praying for “Judy” every night, since obviously God knows the reason. As I told this to Judy, I also realized that the email kept catching my eye because God was telling me to open it so that I would read about Judy. I told her how amazing it is that He revealed His mysterious plan in the span of writing a short note. He IS amazing!

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