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Friday, December 4, 2009

News Headline: Katie is not a vegetarian

I'm reposting this from facebook for my visitors who are not on facebook (and who will , inevitably, question my food choices if they don't read this).

You people get all excited about the silliest stuff. I decided to start eating meat again to unify my family and make us healthier. We weren't able to eat together, much less healthfully, because we were always preparing two or three different meals. I want our children to learn to appreciate what is put in front of them, too. That's a lesson they won't learn if every member of the family is allowed to choose their food at each meal. I figured it's a personal sacrifice I can make that doesn't compromise anything more than an ideal in my head, and it's an action that should make me healthier in the long run via meal planning and the joy of family dinners. It won't hurt to save some money with that meal planning, either! Oh, and I made the switch Thursday night before bed, not realizing the baby was going to try to get out before I could eat any meat...

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