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Sunday, December 6, 2009

My crazy daughter

Ellie is learning so much so fast. She loves to mimic, but she's reached a new, low level. A lot of little girls pretend to breastfeed their dolls. My little girl pretends to use the breast pump. No joke. She sat down on the couch where I sit to pump, lifted up her shirt and tried to put the tubes up to her chest. I was both entertained and horrified at the same time.

On the positive side, Ellie tried to pull down her pants and asked to sit on the potty yesterday. She was doing it so she'd have a reason to wash her hands, but she did actually go potty at the time she asked. It's just too bad she'd already gone when she asked. I guess that Elmo potty might not be a birthday present after all. I'm not going to listed to all the unsolicited advice out there, though, and start now, just 2.5 weeks before Christmas. That's asking for failure. Maybe Santa will bring the potty and we can do potty training bootcamp that weekend.

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