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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mikey Update 12/22/09

Mike won't sign off on the cranio-sacral specialist, and neither will our pediatrician 'yet.' The pediatrician is sending us to a cranio-facial specialist, however. He also wants to do a modified barium swallow to check swallow function and to check for aspiration. I talked the doctor into tabling talk of the test until his appt. on the 6th so that we can give the elimination diet enough time to work (to make sure his symptoms aren't from food sensitivities).
Oh, and Mikey weighed 9 lbs. .5 oz, which is a 13-oz. gain in 14 days!

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  1. So Sorry that you are having so much trouble with you DS. Will be praying that you start getting some answers and things start clearing up. Hang in there!!