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Friday, December 4, 2009

Mikey Prayer Requests

I'm going to start by copying all the old posts here, so just scroll down if you've been following this on facebook. I did add a new one at the end.

Mikey has a loud heart murmur that wasn't picked up until yesterday. Thank goodness we had to go back to the pediatrician yesterday for a jaundice-scare followup appointment! The cardiologist's office performed an ultrasound and an EKG and took Mikey's blood pressure in a few locations. He also listened to his heart (well, we should hope so!). The results point to a ~3mm hole in the wall in Mikey's heart. I can't remember the name of the hole, but it is the most common heart defect in newborns. The hole is the type that typically closes on its own with time, though 3mm is on the large side of "small hole." The doctor said he's 90% sure Mikey will not need surgery. I'm not worried. I went into the office expecting exactly what he said, though I was a little surprised that it's as "large" as it is. Nevertheless, I have no reason to worry, and I'm not worried. We have a followup appointment in six weeks. Thanks for your prayers!

1. See my cardiologist note from 11/11/09. 2. Mikey has been mostly unable to nurse so far. He is having a frenectomy (tongue-tie fix) on Tuesday, and we're hoping that's the only cause, which means he'll be able to nurse come next Friday. Pray that he's still willing and that he's able. 3. Mikey's initial PKU test showed an abnormality for hypothyroidism. We should have the followup PKU test results by Monday at our two-week appointment. (Note: Yes, he takes breastmilk from the bottle. I am very grateful that I am able to pump enough milk that he doesn't need formula, especially since I've been pumping since day 4, well before my supply was established.)

No PKU results yet. Still had a good bit of umbilical cord left that had to be burned off. Murmur is louder which means hole must be getting smaller. He weighs 7 lbs 4.5 oz, which means he gained back his birth weight and then some. The doctor is very happy with everything.

Debbie, our lactation consultant, noticed today that Mikey has a quite asymmetrical jaw structure (his top and bottom jaws aren't parallel). I've noticed this before but always figured it was situational, the way he was laying or the way he was crying, so I never brought it up. She says it's a simple chiropractic adjustment to fix it. Mike doesn't like the idea of chiropractors, especially on babies, so we're going to the pediatrician tomorrow for a second opinion from "an actual doctor." Our appointment with the chiropractor is Wednesday. I hope Mike lets him fix it! This particular doctor does these adjustments all the time, on babies, so it will be fine! Hopefully we won't find another problem after this one's fixed! (Note: The doctor gave his emphatic blessing. Off to the chiropractor tomorrow!)

We had our second chiropractor appointment today. I am so optimistic! Even though Mikey's progress is slow because he's starting from a really bad state, he IS improving. He was a different baby Wednesday after the adjustment. He really, truly, felt like a different baby in my arms because he was relaxed. He could also be soothed immediately with a simple "shhh" or pat on the butt. Dr. Ross is amazing. He's like a baby whisperer. He just talks to the baby and he instantly calms (the baby, not the doctor). Mikey took a huge leap in the right direction at today's appointment. The doctor got so excited! Our next appointment is Monday.

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