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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hidden Opportunities

Yesterday, while I was browsing one of my groups on facebook (an aspect of facebook I tend to completely ignore) for the first time in months, I saw that a person I wronged had joined the group. I have been kicking myself for 11.5 years about how I treated this person. I silently hoped I'd run into him (no, he's not an ex-boyfriend) at some random place and time so that I could apologize. I just couldn't seem to forgive myself for my adolescent wrongdoing. I spent just a moment verifying it was him before sending a very sincere apology through his facebook page. I thought perhaps he would think I was some crazy person and not reply, but I nevertheless felt completely released from the sin that was my bad behavior.

Today that man replied, revealing that he did not remember how I treated him, and he apologized to me for mistakes he made back then! I already knew I'd done as much as I could to write the wrong, so his response was a bonus blessing from God. I thank God for the opportunity to apologize to this idividual, through facebook though the opportunity was given. Be sure to keep your eyes open for hidden opportunities from God. What you find may surprise you!

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