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Sunday, December 20, 2009

God's Blessings This Week 14-20

Highlight of my Wednesday: Sitting in Chick-Fil-A for an hour and a half enjoying a leisurely breakfast and coloring with my daughter while my son slept peacefully alongside us. Well, that and listening to Ellie call out the subject of each Christmas song as it starts on the restaurant's sound system like she's playing Name That Tune. I forget she's not even two yet.

Ellie, totally unprompted, told Mike, "Thank you for dinner," at the end of a meal out. Remember, she's not even two yet!

All the Arizona Ericksons got together for our "Christmas Eve" celebration on Friday. Swedish meatballs...sweet and sour hot dogs...beef stew...cookies... Unfortunately, I didn't get to eat the fudge this year (no dairy), but oh, was it a good meal and good company! Thanks for making the meatballs, Uncles!

We bought Ellie Pull-Ups in anticipation of starting potty training next week. She's getting SOOO big! She tries to pull down her pants and asks to sit on the potty before she goes. She then asks for a diaper change as soon as she's done. We asked Santa for a potty and some panties!

Ellie sings the ABCs by request now. She sings the whole thing, though "LMNOP" is a bit muddled. Oh, and the end is "Now I ABCs, next sing me." It's close enough! Ellie can now sing all of Twinkle Twinkle on pitch. It's so precious! She also sings the Elmo's World theme song on pitch. Maybe we have a singer among us...

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